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MYOB Greentree Release History

Keep up with the releases of MYOB Greentree 

To get the best out of your MYOB Greentree Solution, it is important that your system is up to date. Here you can find information about the MYOB Greentree version history and the latest upgrades available which include the latest features.

Are you hesitant to upgrade to the latest version of MYOB Greentree?

You don’t need to be. We understand bringing change to your business may seem daunting…but it’s important you do so.


You’ll be missing out on new features, product and performance enhancements, compliance updates and changes to security measures. Upgrading to the latest software version will bring enormous benefit to your business. It will enhance the user experience, optimise performance and improve your interaction with customers. Most of all, it can introduce advanced technology that will give your business a competitive edge. Upgrading is also crucial to remaining compliant with new government regulations and keeping up-to-date with the latest security measures.

Release History

MYOB only provides support on the current version plus the previous four packs. Verde will still support all previous packs, but if there is a need for MYOB to investigate or correct anything, customers will need to upgrade to a supported version first.

  • 2023.3
  • 2023.2
  • 2023.1
  • 2022.4
  • 2022.3
  • 2022.2
  • 2022.1
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019

2023.3 Release

Sending emails from an application server

For improved security, you can now send client emails from an application server instead of directly from a user's computer. To enable this option, select the new Send client email via application server checkbox on the Emailing Preferences tab of the General System Preferences or Company Maintenance form.


Jade 2022

The 2023.3.0 release of Greentree upgrades its Jade platform from Jade 2020 to Jade 2022, ensuring it's on a supported version.

The Jade platform will be updated as part of the Greentree package update process.

Improved eModules security

To make eModules more secure, we've retired a component called MS SOAP 3.0, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. This applies to all eModules:

  • eApprovals
  • eRequisitions
  • eCRM
  • eService
  • eTimesheets
  • eHR.

To benefit from improved eModule security

We've re-released all eModules, which means the eModules files need to be replaced. Either your MYOB Partner or someone from your IT department needs to:

  • Replace the files on your IIS server.
  • Remove MS SOAP from your IIS server machine using the Apps & Features function in Settings in Windows.

Other improvements

  • Reports for all modules now take up much less space in the AHDATA.dat database file. This change also gives a small boost to performance.
  • We've changed how serial/lot items are allocated to suspense during location transfers. The allocation process now applies the destination to inward transfers, which are no longer shown on the table on the IN Serial Lot Suspense Allocation form. Instead, the new Location To column shows the destination, such as suspense, on outward transfers.
  • Greentree now takes less time to write exception details to a file.
  • Greentree now takes less time to generate the AR Audit Trail report.
  • To help you troubleshoot email problems, the email test function on General System Preferences has been extended to give an option to send email directly or via the email task queue. See our Email Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

(Australia) New tax treatment code for working holiday makers

Other Resolved Issues

2023.2 Release

The 2023.2 release simplifies several common workflows. You can now write off job costs in bulk. Emailing is also less time-consuming, now that you can create email templates. It also includes various minor improvements and addresses a range of issues identified in previous versions. Access the full release notes here.

New Features

Email templates

Simplify your emailing workflows by creating email templates on the new Email Template Maintenance form. Open this form by going to System > System Setup > Email Template Maintenance.

Email changes in Release 2023.2

MYOB has made some significant changes to the way emails are sent out of Greentree.

We would like to emphasise the importance of testing this new feature if you email your Invoices and Statements, Purchase Orders, AP Remittances and Payslips.

This is especially important if you have any Verde customisations or AppsForGreentree apps for emailing out of your system.

Before testing the sending of emails from your Test system, make sure you change the following setup to avoid sending test emails to your customers and suppliers.

From System | System Setup | General System Preferences go to the Test System tab and ensure this is set as a Test System and tick Enable email and enter the email address you want to send all test emails to. This will replace the ‘To’ addresses on emails so all emails will go to this address instead of the usual customer or supplier email address.


The new email templates are set up from System | System Setup | Email Template Maintenance and the Release Notes detail the Email changes. The templates allow you to add properties from the relevant class to the body of the template. If you are unsure of what Class to use or what Properties give you the data you want, please contact your consultant.


Emails can also be sent without a template direct from the Email queue by writing an ad hoc format at the time of sending. Refer to the Release Notes for more information.

Simplified emailing workflows

This release standardises emailing workflows across Greentree.

You can now more quickly email individual documents by clicking the new Email icon (✉️ ) on a form's toolbar. Previously, you had to click the Print icon and select email as the output. The Email icon is available on the toolbar of these forms:

  • AR Invoice Entry
  • AR Receipt Entry
  • AP Invoice Entry (for buyer-created invoices only) AP Payment Entry
  • PO Purchase Order Entry
  • HR Pay Entry.

New Add to Email Queue form

When emailing from a transaction or report, the new Add to Email Queue form lets you use an email template or write an email from scratch.

Writing off job costs in bulk

You can now write off the costs for multiple jobs at the same time by using the new Bulk Write-off Job Costs form. This saves you the hassle of having to write off costs by recalling each job one by one. Open the new form by going to Process > Job Cost>Bulk Write-off Job Costs.

You can also use the form to undo write-offs.

Other improvements

  • The Main tab of the Supplier Maintenance form now displays a total value for purchase orders. Clicking the total value also opens the PO Enquiry form for the outstanding purchase order.

  • Workflow desks that contain AP or AR Aging panels now load faster. 
  • To help prevent mistakes when submitting Single Touch Payroll (STP  reports, Greentree now checks the Total Tax Offset Amount field on the HR Employee Maintenance form, making sure that there are no decimal values. Greentree also checks certain other fields to make sure there are no negative values.
  • This release adds a new system script: System - Extract email settings. If you're having issues with emailing, you can use this script to output all email settings to a file, making it easier for Greentree support to diagnose the issue.

Greentree API updates

This release includes updates to the Greentree API. For a list of what's changed and what's been fixed, see the 2023.2 API release notes.

2023.1 Release

The 2023.1 release makes it easier to use the Greentree Desktop interface and quickly complete common tasks, like closing and finalising jobs. This release also addresses a range of issues identified in previous releases.

New Features
  • Close and finalise jobs in bulk

    You can now close or finalise multiple jobs at the same time by using the new Bulk Close/Finalise Jobs form. This saves you the hassle of having to find and close each job one by one.

    Open the new form by going to Process > Job Cost > Bulk Close/Finalise Jobs. Choose which jobs to view by entering your Job Selection Criteria and clicking Search Now. For example, you can select a profit centre or charge type combination or a sub-set of specific jobs.

    Close Jobs tab

    The Close Jobs tab lets you both close jobs that are open and reopen jobs that have previously been closed.

    • To close jobs, select the checkboxes in the Close Job column and click Close/open jobs. After closing a job, the Close Date field defaults to the date you closed the job. If needed, you can enter a different date.

    • To open jobs, deselect the checkboxes in the Close Job column and click Close/open jobs.

      For closed jobs to appear in the list, make sure you select the Closed checkbox in the Job Selection Criteria section.

    Finalise Jobs tab
    To finalise a job, select the checkbox in the Finalise Job column and click Finalise jobs. You can't reopen finalised jobs or change the Finalise Date.

    Results tab
    After you close, reopen or finalise a job, the Results tab opens. It shows you what changes you made, and if the change was successful.

  • Drag and drop files for Outlook Office 365

    You can now drag and drop files, including Outlook Office 365 messages and attachments, to attach them to masterfiles and transaction records. Make sure you drop the file directly on the Attach Document icon ().

    You can only attach a file if the program you're dragging it from (e.g. Outlook or Windows Explorer) has either the same administrator rights as Greentree or more comprehensive administrator rights.

  • Automatically calculated leave for all employees (NZ only)

    When an employee requests leave, MYOB Greentree automatically calculates how much leave they need for the dates they enter. Previously, this wasn't being done for some employees. Now, leave is automatically calculated for employees that:

    • have a working calendar
    • have a definition of a week, and
    • whose leave is set to be calculated in weeks and/or days.

    This saves employees the trouble of manually calculating their leave, as well as saving them the headache of accidentally getting it wrong.

    The leave is calculated using the employee's definition of a week.

    This improvement has been made to both MYOB Greentree Desktop and Browser. On the HR Leave Request Entry form in MYOB Greentree Desktop version, the Use Calculated Leave option is selected by default for these employees.


  • Set a primary address when importing customer delivery addresses

    When using the gtCustomerDeliveryAddress FREE function, you can use the new isPrimary parameter to set a delivery address as the customer's primary address

    If your Greentree setup uses FREE functions, you need to register the new version of the GreentreeInterface.dll and GreentreeInterface.exe files (version in ...\bin64. Update any spreadsheets using the Greentree Interface with the new XLA version (MYOB_GreenTree_FREE.xla).

  • Minor improvements
    - On the eDocs Module Control form, you can now add more than one person to receive warning emails about licencing limits.
    - The Windows Designer menu item has been renamed from Designer to Windows Designer. You can access it by going to System Customisation Windows Designer. This makes it easier to distinguish it from the Query Designer Manager and Process Flow Designer menu items.

    - To make it easier to set up the right email credential service, options on the Email Credential Maintenance form. The Server Type dropdown has been renamed Protocol, and the Exchange option in the dropdown has been renamed to Exchange Web Services.

    If your Exchange server is configured to only allow SMTP, select SMTP in the dropdown. If you want to connect Microsoft Exchange, select Exchange Web Services.

    - (AUSTRALIA ONLY) On the Protected Earnings tab of the HR Module Control form, a row for 2023 has been added to the protected earnings amount table. From 01/01/2023, the protected earnings amount is $456.53. If you manually entered an entry for 01/01/2023, it won't be overwritten.

    - It's now easier to read large numbers at a glance on the JC Job Maintenance form. Numbers higher than a thousand are now displayed with a comma.

    - Rebuild ODBC View is now available as a standard script in the Database section of the System Scripts form. Previously, it was only available as an HR script.
Performance improvements
  • Faster HR Pay Summary Report

    The new standard HR Pay Summary report runs noticeably faster – especially for sites with many employees and years of payroll.

    If your site has a custom report called HR Pay Summary, it will be overwritten by the new standard report. Before upgrading to 2023.1, you need to rename your custom pay summary report.

    You can also improve the performance of custom pay summary reports by using new report methods.

    Keep your custom report by renaming it

    • Before upgrading to 2023.1, export the custom report.
    • Upgrade to 2023.1.
    • Rename the new standard report. For example, "HR Pay Summary (standard 2023.1)".
    • Import your custom report.

    New report methods that improve performance

    Instead of using queries, the new report selects pays by using new report methods. You can use these report methods to improve performance of custom HR pay summary reports.

    There's a method for each profile:

    • Batch profile uses a Pay Batch (HRPayBatch) method: Get HR Summary Pays for Batch.
    • Employee profile uses an Employee (HRPerson) method: Get HR Summary Pays for Person.
    • Pay Group profile uses a Pay Group (HRPayGroup) method: Get HR Summary Pays for Pay Group.
    • Date profile uses a Company method: Get HR Summary Pays.

    The report methods take From and To parameters for ranges:

    • batch number (doesn't apply to the Pay Batch method)
    • branch code
    • pay date
    • pay group name (doesn't apply to the Pay Group method)
    • person code (doesn't apply to the Employee method)
    • profit centre code.

    The methods apply HR security checks: the user must have permission to report payroll transactions, and must have reporting access to an employee to see related pays that match the Security View selected when running the report. They return an unsorted collection of Pays matching the criteria. The range checks based on codes and names are not case-sensitive.

    Improving custom reporting performance

    You can improve performance on custom HR Pay Summary reports by removing queries, then adding and applying the new report methods.

    Although your custom reports might be different from the standard report, you should still be able to make the changes – even if profiles, sections and queries have been renamed, hidden or removed.

    To be able to make the changes correctly, you need to understand how to select different sections of the report in the Report Design screen.

    Understanding report sections

    In the Report Design window, you need to remove queries, then add and apply report methods for the Batch, Date, Employee and Pay Group profiles.

    Each profile is made up of an inner section and outer section (except Date, which only has one section). You can tell which section you're working in by how many squares appear in the grid.

    If you click the inner section, seven squares appear.

    If you click the outer section, three squares appear.

     You can also tell which profile the section belongs to by checking the Current section and Name fields on the left.

    1. Open the custom HR Pay Summary Report

    1. In Greentree desktop, go to System > Customisation > Report.
    2. In the Report Customisation window, select the custom HR Pay Summary report, then click Edit. The Report Design window opens.

    2. Remove queries from profiles

    1. In the Report Design window, right-click the inner section of a profile and choose Select by... > Query. The Edit Query selection window opens.
    2. In the Selection Criteria section, select each query and click Delete.
    3. Click Done.
    4. In the Confirmation window, click OK.
    5. Repeat steps 1–4 for all the profiles.

    3. Add the new report methods to the profiles

    1. In the Report Design window, right-click the outer section of a profile and choose Set Method Parameters.

      You can tell if you've clicked the outer section by checking the Name field. For example, if you click the outer section of the batch profile, the field will say Batch profile.

    2. In the Method Parameters window, click Add.
    3. In the Choose Method window:
      • For the Batch Profile, select Get HR Summary Pays for Batch and click OK.
      • For the Pay Group Profile, select Get HR Summary Pays for Pay Group and click OK.
      • For the Employee Profile, select Get HR Summary Pays for Employee and click OK.
      • For the Date Profile, select Get HR Summary Pays and click OK.
    4. In the Method Parameters window, in the Methods used section, select the method you just added. For example, Get HR Summary Pays for Batch.
    5. Complete the Parameter set to column:
      1. Click the blank Parameter set to value for a row. The Source for window opens.
      2. Set the Type field to Parameter for every row.
      3. Select the parameter that matches the Parameter Name for that row.

    6. Repeat steps 4–5 for each profile.

    4. Apply the report methods to the profiles

    1. In the Report Design window, click the inner section of a profile.
    2. Click the Shows field on the left.
    3. In the Select Property window, select the new report method you added for that profile and click OK. For example, Get HR Summary Pays for Batch.
    4. In the Report Design window, click Save. You've finished improving the performance of your custom HR Pay Summary report.

  • Faster to copy or delete a bill of materials
    It now takes less time to copy or delete a bill of materials. This is especially useful for companies with factories that use the same components to make multiple different products.
Security updates
  • An updated security confirmation window

    This release updates the Security Confirmation window, which opens when establishing OAuth2 credentials for sending and retrieving emails.

    The window now uses a WebView2 browser control, just like when Greentree displays maps, licence information, STP information and eDocs PDFs.

    This release depends on several libraries that were introduced in Greentree 2022.1 along with the requirement for Microsoft Edge WebView Runtime to be installed on client machines. It also releases new versions of GreentreeMail.dll 2.1, GreentreeMailCore.dll 2.1 and Microsoft.Identity.Client.dll 4.48.1. 

2022.4 Release

  • Ability to log in via email address or username
  • Ability to add display fields to Windows Designer forms
  • Ability to trigger alerts and approvals when standing transactions are generated
  • Ability to view .mht forma emails in eDocs (introduced issue from Microsoft IE removal)
  • Ability to change to the customer branch for AR Credits, receipts, refunds, and journals (was previously only on AR invoices)
  • Update of Autoscan barcode reader
  • STP configuration changes (Australian Payroll only)
    • Inactive Transaction Types
    • Correct State and Territory names for STP lodgements
  • Performance improvements when logging in
  • Security updates
  • General resolved issues
    • STP (Australian Payroll only)
    • eDocs
    • Other resolved issues

2022.3 Release

This is an additional pack for this year containing only an upgrade of the underlying database from Jade 2018 to the Jade 2020 version which is critical to the security of your data and information system capability. 

This pack requires pre-upgrade steps to certify the database prior to upgrading and may take some time.

For more information on the Jade 2020 release see the Jade Software website Jade Software website.

2022.2 Release

  • Ability to convert report parameters to search fields on the report parameters selection screen so you can search for a parameter rather than typing it in. Full instructions are in the Release Notes.
  • Australian Payroll changes as follows:
    • STP components now mandatory for all transaction types
    • Superannuation
      • SGC increase from 10% to 10.5%
      • Max contribution increase from $58,920 to $60,220
      • $450 eligibility threshold removed
        (Note all the superannuation changes can be applied manually without the upgrade)
    • STP lodgement preview
      • Employee information now added back to the preview in Excel
    • ATO Small Business Identification portal import file format
    • Clearer STP configuration messages
  • General resolved issues
  • Updated Security recommendations guide

2022.1 Release

Part of the reason for this upgrade being particularly important is that as you may be aware Microsoft will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 11 from 15th June 2022. There are portions of Greentree that have historically relied on an embedded control in Internet Explorer. As the reliance on this has been fully removed in the 2022.1 release, it is our view that it is imperative for your site to consider upgrading to the 2022.1 release.

The following functionality now uses the updated embedded control in the background (this is unrelated to what you use as your default browser). Based on Microsoft content, we have been advised that this functionality is expected to continue to work once your IT team takes you past the Microsoft pack removing Internet Explorer support with Microsoft Edge running in "IE compatibility mode". This will enable you to plan your upgrade in a timeframe that suits to minimise impact. We always recommend that you upgrade to fully supported software.

Functionality affected:

  • eDocs displaying PDFs
  • Qlik workflow panels
  • WebView displaying the PDF View panel i.e. WebView Published Reports
  • 3D live workflow desktop panels to display PDFs
  • Web addresses for suppliers, customers etc.
  • Maps for suppliers, customers etc.
  • The Greentree end-user licence agreement from Help > About
  • The MYOB STP legal notice from Help > About
  • Requests for Lean Engage feedback.

You can read more about the Internet Explorer changes here -
The future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ

Please note that client machines will require Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime installed by your IT team to use the affected functionality after June 15th whether you are upgrading or not. The instructions for this are in the 2022.1 Release notes found in the MYOB Greentree version history link below.

2021 Releases

2021.4 Release
  • Use of OAUTH2 authentication mechanism for retrieving emails for eDocs and CRM filing
  • Performance updates
  • General resolved issues

2021.3 Release
  • Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 for Australian payroll sites
  • Security updates
  • General resolved issues

2021.2 Release
  • New functionality for Payment Times Reporting for large Australian businesses
  • Ability to add Global Search panel to desks
  • Ability for non Finance module users to edit a customer delivery address when editing a sales order
  • Drag and drop functionality from Outlook/Explorer onto Greentree records
  • Finalised jobs are no longer available for selection in AR forms
  • Ability to deselect a tree from the tree selection window
  • Ability to add images attached to Masterfile records to report writer reports
  • New HR Leave Rate Comparison report
  • Added Save selection criteria to eDoc Payment selections
  • Security updates
  • Performance updates
  • General resolved issues

2021.1 Release
  • Payday filing interface templates and support for the new v2021 format including KiwiSaver reporting as a mandatory requirement from the IRD from 1 April 2021
  • Windows Designer now supports customisation of the tables/droplists that show search results to change width, add/remove/re-order columns, change what is shown in columns
  • Ability to add queries created using Query Designer to panels on a desktop and integrate to 3D panels
  • Default sort order for views created with the Query Designer
  • New features added to the Accounts Payable Payment Selections window with new Payment Terms Form and To fields to add a range of payments terms rather than just one and a new Tree dropdown to select the suppliers to be included in the payment selection based on tree branches
  • Enhancements to security for eModules passwords, restrict file upload types and support for OAuth2 with Microsoft Exchange
  • Added Auto Print to the ‘Output Report To’ dropdown on relevant reports to use if an Auto Print/Email option was used and the emails were sent successfully but a printer issue meant the printed forms were not generated.  This option will skip any reports whose delivery method is Email.
  • Explorer Window has been updated to improve the layout and a Clear button has been added
  • The ability to Float forms in the Greentree Windows client has been restored (removed in 2020.4) with a new command of Windows > Float instead of the previous right-click option.  Windows > Dock will return the form to its original place
  • Active Only option added for HR Employee Maintenance and Show Balance in Hours defaults on the Leave Balances tabs
  • Added a PO Ref column to the Supplier eDoc Transactions tab to display the PO ref from the eDoc header
  • Added a Load Table where there are over 500 mappings on the eDocs Line Mapping tab on Supplier Maintenance
  • Added a Deduct Withholding Tax option on eDocs AP Invoices
  • Various bug fixes

2020 Releases

  • New module for eDoc Sales orders.  Customers send their PDF purchase orders via email and they are created as eDocs.  Header and line details are either manually entered or scraped and auto-matched before being processed into a Sales Order.  Assists in optimising the sales order process by increasing business efficiency, providing more control over operation cost, and delivering time and productivity benefits
  • eDoc AP Invoices bank accounts for Australian companies now stored in three fields
  • Further significant enhancements and improvements aligned to the New Zealand Holidays Act
  • Update to .NET Framework Version to take advantage of added security and support for TSL 1.2 for email integration
  • Various bug fixes
  • Jade Upgrade to 2018 to ensure ongoing stability, support, and security on the platform for years to come.  Results in an increase in performance for most sites by 10-30%.   64-Bit Connection manager, ODBC & Excel are now mandatory and third-party integrations need to be considered prior to upgrade
  • 64-Bit Outlook2Greentree Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Significant enhancements and Improvements aligned to the New Zealand Holidays Act
  • Changes to sorting, filtering and moving columns in Clever Tables
  • New flag to include/exclude Document Library Reports in a Published Financial Reports desktop panel
  • Updated Gender Selection List on HR and JC employees, HR Application and Contact maintenance forms to include Other as an option
  • New option to display Leave planning transaction types in Balances panel of the Browser as either Accrued Balance or Entitled Balance
  • Removal of Fax delivery method on customer invoices, statements, receipts and supplier remittances, and purchase orders and employee payslips
  • 64-bit support for VBA integration
  • Automatically Log Out Users after inactive for x minutes
  • Auditing User Logins and Logouts and the ability to purge the data after x days
  • Add UDF’s and Trees when entering a positive inventory transaction for Serial/Lot numbers
  • Changes to the way Payroll transaction types on Greentree Browser timesheets
  • Remember split position and default to maximised on eDoc transactions
  • Validation of eDoc Invoice numbers

2019 Releases

  • Greentree Desktop – Moving Trees in Windows Designer
  • eDocs Improvements including up to Date filter & Field Validation
  • New Query Designer to make it easier to query data in the database
  • New form to view teams and users, along with their access rights, across companies
  • Security enhancements especially around password-encryption contained in the MYOB Greentree Security Recommendations document
  • Various Payroll and STP changes including Payday filing
  • Improved the deployment process for Greentree Browser
  • Ability to put the Windows version into test mode
  • Access for Verde to be able to build browser customisations
  • Various bug fixes

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